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Sportek is an industry leader in the painting and installation of world class athletic surfaces.









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Sportek installs, paints, cleans, and repairs  rolled rubber, and polyurethane athletic tracks and courts.

We are the first company in the United States to represent Plubber LTD products, which are new to the North American Market.


Plubber LTD is a company from South Korea that sells a rolled rubber surfacing material.   Sportek is representing the product in the US market.


     Line Marking: 

Mid-West Track and Tennis:

Wilmington Friends School:


In order to keep your Athletic  Track looking great longer, a proper maintenance program is necessary.


The first part of the program is to wash your track.  Depending on your surface, that would dictate what machine you would use.

To wash a rolled rubber Track surface: You need to use the T-20 by the Tennant company. If your surface is a polyurethane track surface, then pressure washers are used.


Our crews can also make repairs on older rolled rubber or Polyurethane athletic tracks. If you have bubbles, or rips or worn material. We can make any kinda of  repair to your surface.


We now offer Residential and Commercial cleaning and Pressure washing.


This new part of our business is starting in and around the Seattle area within 25 miles.

Deep Cleaning:    Regular Cleaning: 

1 Bed, 1 bath:  250         1 Bed 1 Bath: 200

2 bed, 2 bath 330          2 bed, 2 bath: 280

3 bed, 3 bath: 410         3 bed, 3 bath: 360

4 bed, 4 bath: 490         4 bed, 4 bath: 440

5 bed, 5 bath. 570         5 bed, 5 bath: 520

6, bed, 6 bath: 650.     6 bed, 6 bath: 600


Carpets: 65

Houses with pets: 45

Windows: 65

Oven’s: 35

Dishes: 40

Laundry: 40


Restaurant Cleaning: $5.00 a square foot.

Office cleaning: $3.50 a square foot.

Other buildings: $ 3.50 a square foot.

Floors: 2-3 a square foot.


One Washer: One Machine:  we charge 75 dollars per hour.

We pressure any surface: we have all the equipment and hoses. We will also offer along with our pressure washing or totally separate, out door cleaning: trimming bushes, trees, planets, weeds. We will also offer planting services for flowers and bushes.




For more information about our new division, please check out our Yelp Business page.



A. Sportek’s residential division just signed a sub-contractor agreement with Five Star Painting in Vancouver Washington for residential pressure washing, and painting.

B. Sportek is in the process getting accreditation with the BBB.

C. Sportek will have their Advertisement with the Athletic Business Journal. 



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Track painting, Mondo Rubber, West Virgina

2About Us

Sportek crews work on projects all over The United States and in the major cities in Canada. We take pride in offering our customers the highest levels of customer service. In our Athletic division this year we are going to offer painting services  and installation service for all the Ger Floors, Robbins, and Mondo products.

The company is looking to also expand its track repair business: Repairing, open seams, rips, worn material, bubbles etc. We have a long track record of excellent customer service: All our crews are hard working seasoned professionals: The work is always of the highest quality.


SPORTEk: More then just tracks and courts 

Sportek starting in 2021, Sportek developed a residential and commercial division that handles pressure washing for residential customers in Seattle and Honolulu HI.

Also, Sportek purchased the company Recreational Services INC.











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